Scope in the Industry

While enrolling for a course like AME, most students are apprehensive about the placements in the aviation industry. While pilots and air-hostess jobs may be fluctuating in terms of the demand, an AME is always in demand in an aircraft or an airline company.

We’ve noticed that AMEs command a lot of respect and are one of the most talented and hard-working groups of professionals in the industry. They draw a high salary owing to their unique skill-set and incredible knowledge of aircraft maintenance. As a career, an AME can look forward to a bright and prosperous future!

With the boom in the aviation industry and the rapid growth of private airline companies, there’s an increasing demand for AMEs. A number of airlines are also increasing the number of aircraft in their fleet and their destinations so it gives AMEs many opportunities to grow and excel in the industry.

What Kind of Jobs Can you expect after earning your AME degree?

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Aircraft Technician
  • Aircraft Marshaller
  • Flight Scheduling Specialist
  • Maintenance Planner
  • Aircraft Technical Writers
  • Engineering Head
  • Training Manager
  • Quality Assistant
  • Store In-charge
  • Aircraft Technical Instructor
  • Quality Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • NDT Technician
  • Base/line Maintenance Manager
  • Continued Airworthiness Manager
  • Airworthiness Review Staff
  • Flight Engineer
  • Mechanical/ Avionics Shop In-charge
  • Associate/ Manager in Aircraft Manufacturing Industry